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Apr 20, 2015

I have a presentation and it ends with two quizzes and the participant has to select and complete only one quiz (the quiz depends on location).  I want to submit the results on the quiz they take.  I tired a second result page with the all of the questions.  The score appeared 1/2 of the actual score from the original results page,  How can I change the formula so the correct score is reported.  I am using Storyline 2


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

Yes, if there are two question options but the user only has to select one, you'll still need to make sure the results slide track both of the quizzes. You could use a results slide for each quiz, and then report to a master results slide. 

If you're tracking other result slides, you'll choose how the results should be calculated:

  • User must pass each quiz: Select this option if learners must pass each individual quiz (represented by the tracked result slides) in order to pass the overall course (represented by the final result slide). If learners fail any quiz in the course, then they fail the entire course.
  • Combine points from each quiz: Select this option if you want the scores from all tracked result slides to be added together as the final score for the course, then enter a percentage in the Passing Score field. In this scenario, a learner could fail one or more of the individual quizzes and still pass the overall course.
Erin S

Hi Kevin or anyone that can help,

I was wondering if you figured out a way to get the reporting to work properly. I am building a course with 2 different paths, each ending with a quiz. The idea is for the user to go down 1 path and complete the quiz for that path, however, I am running into the same problem where a 50% completion is reported to the LMS.

I have attached a simple skeleton of the course - Any help is appreciated.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Erin -- Thanks so much for your question here! As this thread is somewhat dated, if you wanted to reach Kevin or other participants directly, you are welcome to use the 'Contact Me' link on their profile pages for additional input! 

And thanks for sharing your file! I'll be happy to check it out as soon as possible, or perhaps others in the community have sought to accomplish a similar goal, and can suggest ideas you might be able to try. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Erin -- Many thanks for you patience as I took a look at your file. As you can see by clicking here, I experienced the same behavior when testing the published output in the SCORM Cloud. I'd like to suggest that perhaps you take a look at this information on Tracking a Course Based on Visiting a Specific Slide and let us know if that is going to work for your needs or if you still need help! 

Erin S

Hi Christie,

First, that link didn't work, however, I was able to find that tutorial. 

It was very useful information and made perfect sense. I do have a question though. There will be a quiz before getting to the pick one slide, will the quiz get reported into the LMS even though we aren't using a results slide for the quiz? Or will it show as 0%? 

I hope this makes sense. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Erin -- So sorry the SCORM Cloud link didn't work properly; here is it again for good measure to confirm what I was experiencing. You just have to add your email and your first and last name and it should open right up from there! 

And on your follow up question, my apologies if I am not understanding what you'd like to do, but do you think the suggestions offered here for How to Submit Course Completion to an LMS on a Specific Slide would work for your purposes? 

Erin S

The SCORM Cloud link worked fine, it was the other link that didn't, so I included it in case anyone else needed it. :-p 

Unfortunately, my team will need to track either quiz the user takes in the LMS, so I don't think that will work. Let me try to explain in more detail what we need and you let me know if there is anything that can be done. 

As you saw in the Storyline file, we have a branching course with 2 quizzes. The user needs to complete the quiz based on the path they chose at the beginning of the course. Once the user takes the quiz, we'd like for the LMS to recognize the users score, whether it's 70% or 100%. The file I uploaded previously has a master results slide which pulls from both quizzes, so the user can only receive 50% on the master results slide if they pass the exam on that path with 100%.  It makes sense to track a course based on visiting a specific slide, using the pick one method, however, will that send the quiz information (i.e. how many attempts it took for the user to pass) to the LMS even though the results slide isn't from the actual quiz? I hope this is clear... 

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