Resume saved state on revisit isn't working



I have built a course in Storyline 2. I want that learners can stop the course and revisit to finish the course whenever they want. So I choose in de player properies 'Prompt to resume'. But when the learner revisit the course he can see the results from the first visit, but the results from the second visit are not saved. So a learner can't finish the course. I'm hosting the content on a LMS so I tried the options to mark and to unmark the box labeld 'when running in LMS, ignore flash cookie'. But this doesn't affected the problem. Does someone know how I can fix this?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Neinke!

Thanks for reaching out. I'm happy to help, and first I want to be sure I understand what's happening in your course.

It sounds like the learner...

  • Takes the quiz 2 times.
  • Leaves the course.
  • Resumes the course, and sees the quiz results from the first quiz attempt.

Is that correct?

Does the same problem happen when you test the course in another LMS environment, like SCORM Cloud? If it does, we'd want to take a closer look at your file.

Let me know if you would like some help with that testing!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Nienke and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Curious if this is related to the file that you shared here?

If so, I'm seeing the resume work as expected, but the Review feature that you mentioned in the other thread may be the culprit, but I haven't gotten to the bottom of that.

Just let me know or feel free to share the file that you were referencing here if that's not the case :)

Nienke Knook

Thanks Alyssa for the tip about SCORM Cloud! I've tried the course and it is working in SCORM cloud. So there's something wrong with our LMS-system.

@Leslie It is indeed the same file, but I have this problem with all my files. Now I kwow it is not something in the course but in the LMS-system.