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Mary Beth Maidment

Does this work the same with a question bank?

Also are there unlimited retakes of the quiz?

Our company needs to allow unlimited retakes... and I am dealing with a question bank.

I have the properties of the Quiz Results slide set to Allow Retakes...

But when you return to the beginning of the quiz, it is showing the original response, and you cannot select a new option.

The Submit button is not showing, only prev & next buttons.

Would appreciate any help..

Sauptik Goswami

Hi! I am facing an issue with the quiz. I just created a course with the learners requiring 90% to complete the course. At the end of the course I wanted to provide the learners 2 options. 

1. Retry the quiz, which is in-built (And it works)

2. Restart the course.

I found that when I restart the course and I come back to the quiz after retaking the course it doesn't allow me to retake the quiz. 

Can you please help me on this?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sauptik, 

Are the slides for the quiz not showing as reset to the initial state or that they are but the user is unable to click on anything or select an option? Where or how are you testing the course? You'll want to make sure you're testing the published output in the intended environment versus testing it locally.  Are you using the latest update of Storyline 2, update 7? 

Sauptik Goswami

Hi Ashley,

This is resolved now. This was done by setting up a trigger to reset the answers before going back to either ‘retrying the quiz’ or ‘retaking the course’.

Since ‘retrying the quiz’ option’ is in-built the answers get wiped out automatically, however for the other, one has to set up a trigger in order to reset the responses, or else the learner will not be able to take the quiz after going through the course again.



Sarah Chiara

I am experiencing the same issue. If the user doesn't score an 80%, they must retake the scenario and then retry the quiz. I have adjusted the results slide settings to allow for retrying the quiz, but when the user gets to the quiz the second time, the "Submit" button is not shown.. only Previous and Next. They can advance thru the questions without answering them and the results slide shows their results from the first attempt, even though I have the settings set to "Reset to Initial State". I also have each quiz slide set to "Reset to Initial State" along with the correct/incorrect feedback layers. Can you help me figure out what I'm doing wrong please?