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Jenny Hogan

Hello, now I have something interesting that is happening. If a student fails the final exam, they can review the course or retake the final. If they click retake the exam, then sometimes it takes them to the start of the exam and they can't click on any of the answers. They have to click next to the very end of the exam (again) and get a 0% then click the retake final exam and it resets the exam and they can take it. If you do this again, it completes the course as if they passed the exam. Any thoughts on this? 

Bakang Frank

Hi guys,

I know this thread seems to be abit old but am having the same issue as well. the student takes the quiz capped at 80% when they fail, the course shows a failure layer with re try quiz and retake course, both buttons are work they do take the student to the respective slides, but the issue is when the quiz re start its now like a normal slide, the student cannot pick/choose answers, the submit button on the player is replaced with next and previous, that happens once I have published the course but when I preview the quiz scene everything seems to be working just fine within articulate 3, the quiz does re tries with resetted answers and I can actually re try the quiz the issue only comes once I have published the course that's when I have a problem re trying the quiz, please guys help am in a bit of pressure to deliver this course.

Anu Yadav

Dear team , 

 I would like to suggest regarding preview function.

It should be option of preview to  see:-

1>  Preview from this slide . (rather than entire project seen)

2> Next 5 slide  .

That preview option convenient for project developer to see their project whenever he/she wants .


Please look into matter.



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Anu!  Thanks for sharing your ideas.  The entire project preview can take some time to load if you have a really big course.  

In case you haven't yet, check out the Select tool in the preview window:

If you preview an individual slide, you can use the Select tool to go to other slides as well.  That way, you're only loading one slide at a time, rather than waiting for the entire project.  I hope that helps!

Fred Good

Wendy! You saved me from insanity today! Two years after you posted this and it's still helping people out! :) You ROCK! Thank you! Had my darn "Reset" trigger AFTER my "jump to" trigger! :D LOL As usual, my mistakes seem so apparent and dumb when I realize what I did wrong! :D haha!