Review results from quiz slide upon submit

Jun 15, 2012

I am working on a project with a number of quiz questions throughout that are not scored but I still want users to be able to review the results prior to getting a debrief slide that explains the important points. What I've been asked to do is to display the review as soon as the user clicks submit, so they can see their answers along with the correct ones. Then they can click next to go to the debrief slide. Basically, we want to avoid having to use the Review Results button and reduce things to one click. Can this be done?

Thanks so much!

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Jeff Miller

Shelley, Have you thought about creating a trigger that opens a new layer explaining why that answer is or is not correct. Ofrom that layer, the learner can then click on the "NEXT" button,or however you have the lesson advance, and go to the next slide. If you want to do this, all you have to do is add a trigger; have the trigger open a new layer, and finally have then new layer have a trigger to advance when then time line ends or the learner performs the required item.

Shelley Owens Schaal

Thanks for your reply Jeff. What I'm actually wanting is the Review results to show up, which is built in functionality that automatically shows the question slide with the users answer and a check mark beside the correct answer. I could do this manually but not all questions are a simply yes/no so I would have to do a lot of work to set a variable to track the answer, etc. This is already built in so was just hoping to skip a step and not have the user click submit, then click review button, then click next again.

I got part way there but the problem is now that it's not tracking what the user submitted and is marking all answers incorrect regardless of what the user submits. I'm sure I'll get there though!


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