Right-click trigger not working in published Story,

Jun 28, 2012

I use right-click in my software simulations. When I test it in preview mode it works correctly. When the Story is published  the right-click option doesn't  always work. I can't see  any real pattern in when it works and when it doesn't.

Is there some combination of Flash/Browser that is required or some publishing settings for the right-click trigger to work reliably?

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Orlando Romero

Hi All,

I've used Storyline 1 & 2 since they came out and just recently changed over to SL360. it's awesome...however, the right-click bug that was reported about 5 years ago is still in the software. I just now sent in a screen recording to support with something consistent with that issue. If someone in the community with the similar issue would do a quick test to compare notes that would be great.

What I found was if you right-click the very upper edge of the hot spot in your LMS version, drag up and release, that will activate the action on the hot spot.

Let us know if that works, or not, and maybe it will confirm a clue to the issue for the Articulate engineers.

All the Best,


Rob Skeet

I was under the assumption that this issue was long since solved but I just published a training course that used the Storyline screen recorder for an assessment which requires the user to right click to bring up a menu and select. this works fine in preview, fine in Articulate review using chrome, but the client is still using IE with Flash and right click doesn't work still.  the right click is on the base layer and was generated by the screen record tool.  Any one figured out a work around?  this issue has been going on for 6 years. 

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