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Aug 20, 2018

Hi everyone, 

I'm creating a course in Storyline, in Arabic. Unfortunately, the right-to-left text direction doesn't seem to be working. I've set the player and the paragraph settings to read from right-to-left. I've also tried using Arabic friendly fonts such as Arial and Microsoft Sans Serif. 

Full stops appear in the correct position, but bullets remain justified to the left and the order of the text is incorrect.

I haven't experienced this issue before, so any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Andy,

Sorry for the trouble you've run into. We're seeing two issues in Storyline 360 that sound very similar to what you're experiencing:

  • When using Arabic text, bullet points that should be right-aligned are left-aligned
  • Imported Arabic translation text is not in the same word order as shown in Microsoft Word translation file

Do those two descriptions match what you're seeing in your course? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Andy!

The issue we were seeing where right-to-left text was backward or reversed, and bullet points moved to the left of text, is now fixed in the latest update of Storyline 360. 

Have you had an opportunity to update your software yet? If not, go ahead and install that update, and let me know if you see a difference!

The other problem we are seeing where imported Arabic translation text is not in the same word order as shown in Microsoft Word translation file is still being looked at. I'll keep you posted on our progress with that one.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mai and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you are seeing this in Storyline 3 as well.

The latest update to Storyline 3 is Update 5, which was released on August 16, 2018.

The bug in Storyline 360 was corrected in Update 19, which was released on August 21, 2018, so those items have not been released in Storyline 3 yet.

I'll be sure to attach this conversation to the report so that we can update you here when we can.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey, folks! I'm excited to let you know that we released update 6 for Storyline 3! It includes enhanced features and fixes - Check them out here.

One fix addressed an issue where right-to-left text could be reversed, out of sequence, or spaced incorrectly.

Click here to download the latest version of Storyline 3. Then, be sure to enable Modern Text to resolve any font and alignment issues. Let me know if you need more help!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Update 28 of Storyline 360 was released yesterday, and as our team was continuing to test the issue where importing Arabic text translation into Storyline, the words are not in the same order as is it in the original Word file, we are no longer able to replicate it.

I wanted to check in with both of you to see if you were able to test out this latest update (Storyline 360, build 3.27.18822.0.) and can still reproduce the issue? If so, please let me know your exact steps (a Peek recording would help!) and I'll get those details to the team. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello everyone,

We just released another update for Articulate 360, and included a few important fixes that you'll see in the release notes here.  

The item you'll be interested in is:

Right-to-left text could be out of sequence after importing a translation file.

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for Storyline 360. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.

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