Scaling issues on desktop with a Quiz


I created a quiz and am running into an issue where the quiz doesn't scale on Chrome or IE11. I tested this using Articulate Review and SCORM cloud. Here's where things get interesting...the quiz will scale properly (it shows up correctly) on my phone via SCORM cloud. I don't understand what's going on here. I am using the modern player. Perhaps there's some obscure little setting that I turned off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I haven't tested this on a tablet, but will as soon as I can get my hands on one. 

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Jose Velasquez

Weird...The original SCORM file I published was HTML5 only, so I got curious and went back to the classic player and set the Player size to: Scale player to fill browser window and it worked. Now the quiz scales properly in Chrome and IE11 and works great on my phone. Also realized there's a similar setting for the Modern player. We live and learn ☺ Or in the words of a friend of mine...didcha read the damn manual?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jose!

The "not_scaling" screenshot you shared here has me scratching my head... 🤔

Even with the modern player turned on, you should see the full slide in the browser window. But for some reason, it appears that your slide isn't scaling down to fit the browser window, so the slide is being cut off.

Could you help me with two things?

  1. Could you send me the SCORM Cloud invite link of the course that is getting cut off? 
  2. Could you test this link in Chrome and IE11 and let me know if you can see the full slide in the browser window?

I'll be standing by!