SCORM Cloud Frameset Launch setting issue

Jul 11, 2019

I believe I may have two separate issues.  We are creating courses in Storyline 360 and using SCORM Cloud with dispatch files to deliver our courses.  We normally upload our courses in SCORM Cloud using the Launch Behavior of New Window Without Browser Toolbar After Click.  We would also like to use SCORM 3rd edition so that it is ipad compatible.  However, we have some customers that do not want their course to launch in another window because their LMS is already set up to do so, in those cases we are using the Launch Behavior Frameset in SCORM cloud.  In some of our courses when we use the Frameset with 3rd edition our courses are not updating properly in our LMS.  When a course is completed and exited the LMS does not update as complete in the LMS.  If I go back into the course, it brings me back to our congralutions page, the last page in our course, if I exit again the LMS will then update as complete.  If I change the edition to the 4th edition, everything works as expected MOST of the time. 

I am having another issue with an assessment, course works as it should in one realm where we are using the Launch Behavior New Window Without Browser Toolbar After Click.  The exact same file is then uploaded into another realm in SCORM Cloud with the Launch Behavior Frameset, 3rd edition, course does not update with the assessment percentages, only updates to incomplete/complete.  If I change it to the 4th edition and fail the assessment, the percentage shows up in my LMS and the assessment shows up as incomplete.  If I go back into the course and pass the assessment, arrive at my congratulations page and exit the course, I am still seeing the failed percentage and incomplete.  I re-enter the assessment, it takes me back to my congratulations page, I exit the course and now it updates to complete and I see my passing percentage. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lamma,

It sounds like you've done some initial testing and work around how this is behaving in SCORM Cloud, and are still stuck. I'd love to have our Support Team dig into this a bit deeper with you so I went ahead and opened up a Support case on your behalf. That'll send an automatic email shortly where you can upload a copy of your .story file. 

Our team will use that to complete some testing and then be in touch with next steps! 

Pete Rix

We're running into similar issues with courses not reporting correctly to the LMS when launching in a frameset on mobile devices. Currently, we have tested both the Scorm 2004 3rd and 4th edition outputs with Frameset set as the launch behavior in Scorm Cloud.

I know this is an old thread and unlikely to get a response back from OP on what worked in their instance, but thought it was worth a shot to post here since it describes what we're encountering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!