SCORM Completion - Issue with Exit?

Feb 22, 2018

We've been experiencing a number of issues with SCORM packages not completing and had a user email the below workaround in to us which they found to "fix" the problem:

"I went back through the training.  At the end of the training instead of clicking exit I clicked one of the navigation breadcrumbs.. this eventually showed my progress as completed instead or incomplete."

Can you advise as what we might need to do to the SCORM package itself in terms of identifying a fix for this permanently - as clearly this is an issue on submitting results between SCORM and the LMS, but seems strange that the Exit button doesn't work, but click on a navigation breadcrumb within Moodle would?

We are using Moodle 3.3 and Storyline 360.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ed.  Let's see if we can figure out what's happening.

  • Are only some learners not getting the completion?
  • What triggers completion in your course - number of slides viewed, or a quiz result slide?
  • Have you been able to identify a common denominator among affected users, such as a browser or whether they're viewing HTML5 or Flash output?

I like to use SCORM Cloud to test LMS issues.  If the course is failing to complete for everyone without using the workaround, upload your course to that testing environment to see if the completion works there.

Of course we're here to help too!  If you'd like to send your project files to our support team to test, you can do that right here.


Hi Crystal, thanks for your message.  

To answer your questions:

  • This is an intermittent issue, only affecting some users
  • This is happening on a variety of courses using different triggers - sometimes issue occurs with number of slides viewed and other times with a quiz result. I'm hoping the new completion settings in the recent release might help, but I've not had the opportunity to test sufficiently yet.
  • No - this appears to affect people irrespective of browser, which is making it very difficult to narrow down hence why I thought this latest piece of information might assist! 

To clarify - this issue affects about 5-10% of all users on a variety of our courses and all of which we have tried multiple completion settings, so something just isn't right with Storyline talking to the LMS no matter what setting we're picking.

Crystal Horn

Hey Ed.  I'm sure this issue hasn't been fun to troubleshoot because of those inconsistencies.  I saw that you were working with Gerald on our support team to see if we could isolate the cause of the completion failure on those "random" instances with your learners.

I know it's frustrating when we can't replicate an issue on our end, but let me give Gerald this latest information about the navigation. Thanks for continuing to reach out!  I'll follow along in your case as well.

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