SCORM not showing complete in Moodlerooms, seems to be Storyline issue?

Jan 22, 2018


We're having an ongoing issue that seems to be getting worse. We created a number of content units using SL1, SL2, and now in SL3. As we've made updates to content, etc. the SCORM packages have updated to the newest versions of Storyline. Initially, we had no trouble getting Moodlerooms to read the SCORM packages as "complete" when users would complete the work (publishing settings set to "complete/incomplete" and only required approx. 2/3-3/4 of slides to be viewed). 

Over the last few months, one by one, various SCORM packages are no longer registering as "complete" in Moodlerooms. At first this seemed like it was connected to updates in Moodlerooms, but support at the LMS say they do not see any issues that should impact completion status. At first it also seemed like it could be a Mac vs. PC issue or a browser issue, but that doesn't seem to be holding up after testing various uses and with our own profiles. 

I've tried (though not in the last couple weeks) exporting the slides into a fresh SL3 file and I plan to set aside some time to do this again, publish, upload, and test again. In the past this didn't seem to make a difference--the issue of marking "complete"...or not...remained. 

This week I'm going to literally try starting from scratch (start with a new SL3 file, create the slide master from scratch, not import it, and copy over all content and build quizzes from scratch), but I'm not feeling very optimistic. 

Has anyone else has a similar issue? Has anyone found a solution? 

Thank you, 


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Katie Riggio

Sorry to hear about this puzzling situation, Alex!

I'm curious if you were able to see the same behavior when testing one of your project files in SCORM Cloud? How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud is a handy article to reference during those tests.

I'd also be happy to help you with that testing – if you'd like! I'll just need a copy of your .story file. If you'd rather not share it publicly here, please send it to us privately through this form.

Alexandra Eisler

Hi Katie, 

Thanks for the heads up on the cloud. I ran one of the courses I know we have trouble with through the cloud and completed the course. I've attached a screenshot of my reportage outcomes. It shows "complete"--does that mean the LMS should see it as complete as well? 

If that's the case, I'm totally confused since the people at Behind Blackboard are saying there is nothing wrong on their end. This problem also seems to be spreading to additional units (the one I tested was first, then a second one, and now a third over a few months). 

Could there be an issue with having created some of these in SL1 and SL2 and now they're all in SL3? I'm really worried about the maintenance for this course going forward. 

Thank you!


Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing that information with me, Alex!

Hm, what you're seeing in SCORM Cloud looks right, in which we might now recommend to check in with Moodle about why the packages are not showing as complete. Additionally, it might be helpful to enable LMS Debug Mode to see the communication flowing back and forth between your Storyline course(s) and your LMS.

Please let us know how you make out!

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