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Nov 12, 2013

I put a Storyline module into Blackboard as a SCORM component, SCORM 2004, and chose LMS reporting as Complete/Incomplete. It did track that part of it okay. Everyone who completed it has a green checkmark.

I cannot, however, get the students' scores to report in Blackboard. In Storyline for the Publish part of it, under Tracking, I chose "Track using number of slides viewed." Do I have to choose the other option, "Track using quiz result," in order for their final score to show up?

In Blackboard, while putting the zip file in as SCORM, there is the option for grading:


  1. Grade Timing
    Grade Timing When SCORM is completed, display score in Grade Center When SCO is completed, display score in Grade Center:
    Grade of First SCORM Attempt
    Grade of Last SCORM Attempt

So by choosing this option, I thought the student's final score would be display in the Grade Center.

The only thing in the Grade Center is Complete (green checkmark) or incomplete (blue timed circle).

Can anyone help with this? What we want to track in Blackboard is completion and their final score, which is gotten from the results slide. There is only 1 results slide in the module.

Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jean!  This article explains when course completion is sent to your LMS from Storyline. 

If you have a quiz, you'll probably want to track by quiz score, and not by a course completion trigger.  Finishing a quiz and landing on the results slide will send both the score and the completion status to your LMS.  If you choose completion trigger, and that trigger is fired before the learner completes the quiz and sees the results slide, you won't have quiz score information.

I'm going to see if I can find out a bit more about the Blackboard grade timing options, and I'll update you here!

Jean Luyben

Is "Submit results" the trigger that sends a grade to Blackboard?  It looks like that's added automatically to a Results slide.  Can I add it to any slide, even if it isn't a Results slide?  If I don't want the results on a slide to be sent, do I just remove that trigger?

Because I have several small quizzes within the tutorial, I'm trying to get a handle on what grades are being sent to Blackboard at what point.  I don't want the Course Complete trigger or Quiz Scores to go to Blackboard until the very end, where all the points earned are added up.  In fact, I don't need "Complete Course" at all - I'm only interested in the grade.

I'm tracking by quiz score.  I think I need to add a final Results slide that adds up all the other Results slides and includes the "Submit results" trigger - that will send the final grade to Blackboard.  And I should remove the "Submit Results" trigger on all the previous Results slides so that it doesn't send any of those scores.

Does that sound right?  Will it still send information about all the responses given for each question as it goes?  Is that built into the question draw slide?


Crystal Horn

When you publish your course, you'll choose which results slide will be the one reporting to your LMS.  If you have several quiz sections, and you want to track all of them, you have two options:

  • Include a results slide for each quiz, and add a final results slide that tracks the other results slides (instead of quiz questions)
  • Include only one results slide at the end that tracks all of the questions.  It'll be a bit trickier to show individual quiz section results this way, however.

The final score of the quiz will be sent from the results slide you choose in the publishing options.  Don't delete any of your submit results triggers, though.  Those triggers are unique to each results slides which tracks specific questions or other results slides.  If you are using a final results slide to track the others, you'll need those triggers intact.

I'm happy to have a look at your project if you feel like it's not reporting properly.  I can do some testing with your setup and see if anything needs changing!  Just attach it here in the discussion.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Jean!

We just released Update 20 for Storyline 360–click here to read all about it!

One of the fixes addresses the issue that may have been affecting your project file. Specifically, we fixed a problem where the completion and success status were not recorded if the final result slide was tracking other result slides. 

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360 to take advantage of everything the latest release has to offer. 😁

Kristin White

Would someone be able to look at a project I have that will not report properly using the method you described in the first bullet above? I tried looking at the JS file (based on LMS debug information previously linked from this forum) but am getting an error (attached). Please let me know if someone can assist me or not.

Thanks in advance,


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for contacting us. We can certainly take a look and help you narrow down if the issue lies within your project or your LMS. 

With your permission, I'd like you to share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete.

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