script error on SL application launch

Jun 05, 2012

I just purchased Storyline today I had this issue with the trail version but I ignored it since it didn't seem to affect the app functionality. I was hoping that once I purchased and activated it would go away. It didn't and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.

When I launch the SL application I get this script error (see attached). 



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Kristin Savko

Today when I launch my SL, I don't get an error anymore...I get this message...and I'm clearly connected to the internet! I tried a number of files through out the day and it's all the same. I haven't restarted at all. Not sure if there was a Windows update or something that caused it, or if it's just a holiday miracle. However, no more error messages makes me happy

Anyone else seeing the same thing?

Eric plunkard

That's very interesting.  At my office we wondered why 2 out of our 3 computers were having issues while mine was working just fine.  It makes sense now, as I had updated to the ie10 test drive as soon as it was available back at the beginning of April (If anyone is wondering, it's just as buggy and awful as it was before).  What doesn't make sense is why Articulate ever loads script from IE in the first place as our default browsers are set to Chrome.  

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