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Robert Watkins

I full well intend to get into how SL 360 wants me to work, and i've figured out cue points are indeed the way to do what I need in terms of timing. And the community aspect was also a large factor in my company's decision to purchase. Prior to this I was forced, and I mean forced, to use Lectora. Going from that to SL is like going from a rusty push mower to a riding mower with heated seats and a cup holder. I'm just really gob smacked that a feature so needed and so requested is not going to be even going to be implemented, or considered for implementation. That tells me that SL is running on legacy code with severe limitations, which is a dread thing for all of us and exactly what led to the downfall of Lectora. That code will determine what can and cannot be implemented, not the community. 

Alastair Steele-Leith


I see this was raised and discussed over the past 3 years. Again, i am working on something with SL3 and surprised this is not a feature. In fact i would have thought that any software that utilised a timeline with animations would allow you to scrub it to fine tune things. 

I think Articulate needs to start getting its act together. I would have thought this functionality would have been integral to software of this nature. Plus still no direct way of having sound play across slides.

Both features many have asked for guys, but still not delivered. You charge enough for this. I wonder if your competitor, Adobe Captivate can do it? ;)