Single Question Bank for a Pre/Post Test

Jun 23, 2021

Hey! I'm trying to use one test bank where the user will take a pretest (and the user has two chances to pass the pretest), but if they do not pass, they must go through the course and then take the final assessment. One problem I am having is that when the student finishes the pretest, it is not showing the correct layer based on the trigger assignments on that results slide. The test is also not resetting so that it allows the user to take it again. It is showing the previously chosen answers.

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David Schwartz

Hi Amber,

I found that when I fail the pretest, it does go to the falied test-out option layer successfully. I didn't complete the test-out successfully, so I don't know what that issue is. Can you explain further?

On the failed test-out option layer, you should add a trigger on the start of that timeline to reset the results. Without that, the test does not reset later after completing the content.

On the Failure layer of the results slide, you do have a reset results trigger, but it comes after the jump back to the start of the post-test, so you should move that up above so that the results are reset before jumping.


Amber Price

Hi, David ~ I've been able to get the correct "Failed" layer to show, but now I am not seeing the "Failed Test Out" layer option when the user takes the pretest a second time (and fails it). I'll attach my updated file with the fixed triggers. The student should be able to take the pretest two entire times, then have the option to go back to the beginning of the course, work through the course content and then take the post test. Thank you for the help!

David Schwartz

OK, I think I got it working. The issue was that the variable AllViewed was being changed when the Failure layer opened, and I think that then the trigger on the base layer caused it to immediately show the Failed test-out option layer.

One thing to consider, and maybe I didn't see it, is to lock people out of the pre-test when they get to the main menu after having failed the pre-test twice.