SL360 Course Updates do not Display in Published Course

Jun 02, 2021

We made some updates to a course.  We retitled a page and updated a couple of triggers.  When authoring, we can see these changes.  In preview mode, the changes are not visible.  When published, the changes are not visible.  Two of us are having the same issue with this course.

The course is a video demo that we recorded in SL2, then upgraded to 360.  We created a try scene and an assessment scene from the recorded video.  Does anyone know why the updates to the course might not be sticking?  Thank you.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Patti!

We are happy to help! I'd like you to work with our Support Engineers directly so we can quickly find why the changes aren't sticking. Would you mind sharing your .story file with us in a support case to start? We'll notify you once we receive the file and will reply with our findings as soon as possible.