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Nov 07, 2017

Hi all, 

I have noticed a rise in issues with drag and drops in Edge recently using Storyline 360. 

It appears that drag items are simply not snapping drop zones when using shapes created in Storyline. (a square to be precise).

I have put a demo together for you to examine and test in Edge, i'd be interested to see if you experience the same problem.

As you'll see i've colour coded each test. Test 6, being the only example that doesn't include any in built shapes, appears to be the only test which is successful. 

I am using the latest version of Storyline 360 (v3.9.13567.0) and have been able to replicate this problem across many courses and on many machines. 

Please can you investigate this issue, as production efficiency is currently being affected by having to create everything as a graphic in a different tool before dropping them into storyline.


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Olivier Halouze

Hi Leslie
As I mentionned in another post, I did the update of SL360 avaible at the beginning of this week.
I retried the drag&drop in different versions of edge.
Everything is ok but for Edge v38.14393, I met the same problem as Suzanne and Patrick.
I attached 2 files :
• a mp4 file to let you see the behavior
• the story file of this demo
I informed my client that publish content from SL360 is recommanded for the last version of Edge but I think it could be interesting to investigate why it works on v40 and 41 and not on v38.

Cameron Wood


I have the same issue.  In Microsoft EDGE or IE the drag and drops are not working. When published to either HTML5 or Flash. My storyline version is v3.15.15581.0

I'm starting to think it's something to do with the Surface Pro we're testing on, but the EXE (CD) publish works fine (minus some quality issues with animations)

Any thoughts?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cameron,

We had a similar issue that was fixed in Update 12 of Storyline 360 (we're now on Update 17) where the drag and drops weren't working correctly in Edge. Since you're on a newer update, I'd expect them to be behaving - but we'd love to take a look.

Our team can also test on a few other devices than the Surface Pro to see if that truly is the culprit. Can you share a copy of the .story file or URL to your course here? 

Cameron Wood

David, I shared a stripped down story file and some published files showing the bugs with the Support team, my case number is Case #01424938. It is definitely an issue in Edge and IE, but I have only experienced it on Surface devices. Mouse and touchpad clicks still work with drag and drops, but the touch functionality does not.

Edge seems to be the biggest culprit with HTML5 bugs.

David Breen

Thanks Cameron.

IE has been a large pain for us over the past year. It seems all our clients are transitioning to Win10 soon and will likely be using only Chrome and Edge moving forward.

We did notice however that our Drag and Drops work fine inside our Firewall on a server in Edge and Chrome. But if you access the content from outside our Firewall the drag and drops won't snap to targets in Edge. The course won't even open in Chrome. 

We're beginning to think our firewall is blocking a lot. Currently can only direct clients to open in IE or Firefox.

Nigel Kirkby

Hi, We're discovering similar problems with drop targets and Edge. We are publishing HTML5 from Storyline 360 3.18.16333 and the dragged objects are snapping back to the start position rather than the drop targets. Edge version is 38.14393 with HTML 14.14393 which I know isn't the latest but, like most corporate environments is controlled through group policies. These same interactions work fine in Chrome and Firefox.

David Breen

Hi Nigel,

Are you viewing in Edge locally or on the web? I had some similar problems with Edge but I started Publishing my Modules using the Modern Player instead of the Classic Player which fixed a lot of drag and drop issues I was having in Chrome and Edge.

For me, Drags wouldn't snap to Targets if the Target was drawn in SL. So using the shape tool or the Hotspot tool. For them to work you had to actually import an object (png, jpg etc) and make that the Target.

Redoing all my Targets and importing hundreds of images to replace them wasn't an option for me so luckily switching to the Modern Player fixed this.

Good luck and hope that helps.

Nigel Kirkby

Thanks for responding David,

I've just tried replacing the SL drawn imagery with imported PNGs as the drop targets, and republishing (we use the Web publish settings - HTML5 with flash fallback) and unfortunately it's still not working (it's like the targets just aren't recognised at all) in Edge.

We use the 'classic' player currently , with a few tweaks, but will experiment with 'modern' too, and see if that improves matters.

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