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Kevin Backs

+1 from me, too! I have a story with 3 'rogue' fonts (not available on my computer or those of most of the others in my team) and something on the order of 200+ slides (with lots of layers and lots of individual text boxes). 

It's going to take me hours to track down each of these. Last time it happened, it was just one font, and just on one slide but, as someone else mentioned, the difference in kerning messed up the appearance of the slide.

Leah Hemeon

Another vote for this feature. I have no idea where a particular font is in a course I was just given to update (created by another contractor several years ago). I need to find the instances where a specific font was used so I can check them. I'll try someone else suggested and use the "replace" option to replace it with a BOLD font so I can see it quickly (I hope). 

Kevin Backs

I deleted the original message with my signature - still hoping for the ability to find instances of specific fonts and/or be able to jump to locations of missing fonts.

In a course with hundreds of screens, it turned out that someone had used a couple of text characters (? and !) from a non-standard font as icons on a slide. It took forever to track down and replace. Because they were using the text as icons, my attempt to find them by using a wild font and a bright colour didn't work -- there were no words, just the question and exclamation marks.

In the end, I didn't replace the font, I used graphical icons to replace the text. The ability to locate fonts would have saved me several hours in this case.


Robbi James

+1 from me as well... I can't just blindly replace a font in a large Storyline file and then have to run through it with a fine-toothed comb to determine the implications (if any).  I can't find the original font to download ('fontawesome', which unfortunately is the name of a font distribution website, which takes over the search results), so I'm a bit stuck.  Let's +1 until we get this one on the roadmap!