Storing text to Blackboard LMS

Sep 09, 2016

We want to have the user write an essay in the storyline module.  Is there a way to store this info in Stroyline and send it to Blackboard (or any other LMSs in general)?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Jay!  Here is an article explaining what quiz data Storyline sends to an LMS.  You should be able to use an Essay Question under your Quizzing tab for inserting a new slide.  An Essay is a survey question that allows the user to enter a long, free-form response.  The default response length is limited to 5000 characters.  

You'll notice a submit trigger for this interaction, and as long as the user lands on a results slide including that question, the answer will be sent to the LMS.  I tested this option in SCORM Cloud and was successful in seeing the Essay answer.

Elizabeth Miles

Hi Jay,

I've seen a lot of issues with timeouts, etc. using the essay question type in a Blackboard test and never recommend it for that reason.  Even in a controlled environment (same computer configuraton/browser/wired internet connection) you would be further complicating this by having students write the essay in Storyline for transfer to Bb or another LMS.   I think you would be better off using Storyline for short m/c or t/f formative assessments where possible, then having students submit the essay using the Bb assignment feature.  Good luck with your project!  :)

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