Storyline 2 vs Captivate 9

Hello All,


1 of my customers asked if there is already a comparison available somewhere between Storyline 2 and Captivate 9

Also what are the main arguments for working with Storyline in stead of Captivate (other than the quick learning curve and superb community)

Would like to discover new and innovating arguments



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Richard Lorrain

Hi guys,

Here's my shot. We have more and more clients that wants their training to be develop on mobile first. I haven't test drive the 360 suite yet but as far as I understand, it still looks pretty challenging since Storyline isn't totally object responsive. I know they have RISE now. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Storyline and it is pretty fast at developing rich elearning experiences on PC. But now, with these new mobiles proliferation, we found out that it is time consuming to make a user experience as smooth on mobile as the one on PC with SL2. We would love SL to relay more on Web standards, scripting and new files formats that make the mobile experience more robust and as fast as PC development. 

We are on a tight budget here, always. We want to offer the best learning experience on all platform. We wish it could happen all in the same software. We might be dreaming.

I am actually crashing coursing on Captivate. Although it has a steeper learning curve, I now see the advantage of having the 2 software riding along our department. 

I am an avid user of Adobe CC, and the simple fact that SVG can be edited in real time in illustrator once open in Captivate is a major advantage for our graphics artists.