Storyline 3 - Telephone Numbers Disappear in IE

When you insert a telephone number (or a series of numbers with dashes that resemble a telephone number) in a SL3 project, after publishing and viewing in IE11, the telephone number appears, then disappears onscreen.  If you have the number in the slide notes, it completely removes the number and the characters after it are displaced.  Is this a bug?  This does not happen in SL2.

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Craig Polak

Unable to change IT settings due to company restrictions, we had three options:

1. Use an em dash between the number sets 555-555-5555
2. Surround the full number with asterisks *555-555-5555*
3. Take a snippet of the number and paste it in as an image

The client preferred Option 2, so that was out workaround.

It would be nice if that bug could somehow be resolved via the SL 360 tool. But in the meantime, we have options.