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Becca Levan

Thanks for reaching out, Mike! 

I'm having trouble recreating this issue where the clickable link doesn't link up with the text when publishing to an LMS. I tested this out in SCORM Cloud. Can you try testing this in a different LMS environment? If you see that the clickable link still isn't lining up with the text, share your file with us here so we can dig in deeper!

Allen Wong

Hi Becca, I've been having the same issue for a while now and was hoping for patch update to fix the issue. This has only become a thing in the last few months. What happens is for example (refer to google.com). The google.com hyperlink moves above to maybe a paragraph higher. So the words "google.com" are still there but the interactivity has shift to the above paragraph. The preview works fine but this issue appears in Review and the LMS we use here

Mike Marchand

Hi Becca,

Thank you for the reply. This issue is not related only to the LMS. Publishing to web version also as this issue. I know it's not a browser issue because I had it tested on multiple computers and browsers. Here is the Storyline file, publish file file and screenshots of the focus issue.

Becca Levan

Hello again, Allen and Mike!

I appreciate you attaching a sample and screenshots, Mike, and you're right; I'm noticing the same behavior where the hyperlink moves off the text.

  • Allen, do you have your trigger set up the same way to open the webpage by executing Javascript when the user clicks?

I want our support engineers to step in and help investigate this from here, so I've opened a support case for both of you. We'll reach out soon with the next step!