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We use CC and/or Notes panel for multi-language support. Some languages display at a much smaller pt size than English. Chinese uses special characters, which  "do not constitute an alphabet or a compact syllabary". The font sizes in CC fields and Notes panel are too small to properly view the characters.

There are three issues here, ability to customize attributes in the Modern Player, ability to customize closed captioning attributes and caption placement,  and a viable workaround solution to our problem. 

We really would like to to use the Modern player, but the font issue may force us to look at other tools.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

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Jennifer Wagner

I am able to increase the font size of text in the Notes panel from the Home tab, just like any other text. You can also increase the font size in the Player by going to Colors & Effects and increasing the percentage, but this only increases the Menu.

I'm not sure if it's possible to change the size of closed captions either. An alternative is to create your own captions, like what was required in Storyline 1:

Emerson Collins

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your response.

Increasing the Font using the Player is universal, it changes the fonts in the player menu, as well as in the display field.

However, just completed a project using a different tool, and I forgot that, in Storyline, if you change the fonts in the Notes panel (outside of the Player), it will override the Player fonts. Just not sure how consistent it displays on the Big 3 browsers. And, the fonts will need to be increased per slide. Just tested it using the Modern player and the fonts are larger in the Notes panel.

A major drawback is, SS360 does not allow for separate Notes fields per layer, which is not preferable but still maybe acceptable.  Then, there is the very limited Closed Captioning.