Storyline Error

Jun 17, 2016



While publishing a file, I am facing an error.

I have received this error earlier also and had posted on this forum. Thanks for the help the issue got fixed, however the problem is occurring again.


I am using SL2, Operating System: Windows 10

Solution offered last time: Run sl2Cleanup.bat

Since the content in the file is client's proprietory, I have apprehensions in sharing the file. How do I ensure that my file will be protected from public viewing?


Please help.

PFA the error for your referal

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Zeeee Veee

Hi Ashley,

In all my previous communications, I had written everything in detail and
explained all the steps to the support team that I had taken to overcome
the error. However, till date I have not received any reply.

Please help me.

PFA the error as well as the report file for your reference.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chetana,

As I mentioned previously, the email addresses you shared for Stratbeans are not Articulate Support addresses and therefore I cannot check in on your case or the status of items. You'll want to follow up with them separately - and you are also welcome to connect with our Support team using this link: if you use one of the Sales contact emails you may be directed to Stratbeans based on your location as they are a reseller of Articulate software. 

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