Storyline in iFrame on mobile devices

Hey great guys,

testing a storyline course on my website I saw in this forum by Montse and which inspired me. I am using weebly so I can't just upload it directly. I have to upload it to my FTP and then link to it with an iFrame.

iframe src="" width="740" height="600" style="overflow: visible; width: 100%;"></iframe

If you want to try the link, add the < in front and > at the end of the code...

Now, the course gets displayed on my PC perfectly. But on my Apple devices it keeps loading endlessly and on my android devices it loads the video and shows the buttons, that are displayed on top of the video layer but not the video itself. So... useless.

It seems as if the iframe conflicts with the identification of the device. It just starts the story.html file and that's it.

Here is what happens, when I use the different files from the published package in my iframe:

When I use story_html5.html instead of just story.html it still doesn't play on iPhone and neither on my android devices.

When I use ioslaunch.html it displays the download-link to the iPad-App on every device.

Now my question: How do I get this to work? Using a course as interactive Splash page for my website through an iframe?

Any ideas?

Thanks you, you awesome creative people


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Sven Emmrich

Hey Justin,

thanks for replying! I did as told. Meanwhile I changed the course but stil same problem. So once I used a course as testversion which was discussed and for download here:

and once my own. Both don't work with the iframe. I assume it must have something to do with the iframe-code, but I am far from being an expert in the matter.

Thanks and bye


Sven Emmrich

OK, a quick update.

We're not completely done solving this problem, but we found out that there is a problem with the videos. Although it is uploaded as MP4 it doesn't play as it is supposed to. Cleo suggested me HandBrake a conversion tool. I ran my MP4 through it and out came another MP4. I am not sure if it works right now.

What confuses me is that every single device that I have displays the course slightly different. My PC, my iPhone (which is just for the main website, where I try to implement a quick sample course for people to understand whats special about my approach, but which is flawed if it messes things up), my noname Android tablet, my Samsung Galaxy tab...

Well, not done yet, but wanted to give you a quick notice.

Have a nice weekend y'all. And thanks to Cleo for here great support. I am sure we'll figure things out completely.