Storyline is painfully slow, and crashes

Jan 13, 2015


I use Storyline version 1, on a Windows 8.1 computer,  16 GB ram, Intel i7.

With Windows 7, storyline worked fine. Since I've moved to Windows 8, the program is painfully slow, and often crashes.

It occurs, for example, when importing questions from another storyline quiz, even if I try to import just 1 or 2 questions.

I cheked for updates: no update is available at the moment.

What to do? 

Thanks for any help.



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shay zinger

hi Andre (& Ashley) i think i have a solution!!

i don't know if you figured it out in a different way (if u did pls tell...)
anyway, i had the same problem, i'm working with i5 16Gb storyline 1.

at fisrt it worked great and then i've allowed Win to install some important updates.
and then storyline gave me the Error "flash player 10 or higher for internet explorer is required to run articulate" - i've followed this insructions and updated storyline - which fix that Error but made storyline work so slowly!!!!!!

so i figured that something with the win' update jams it, i  did a system restore to a date before i've installed all the updates  - and it works!!!!!
the storyline is running like a race car :)

good luck

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shay,

The windows update that occurred back in December (or at least that's when it was released) did cause issues with Storyline and Flash player 16 as detailed here. 

If the windows updates caused a slow down on your system, and you're able to use the previous Windows update, than you may want to continued as such - but let us know if you need anything else. 

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