Flash Player 10 or Higher Error

I've been using Storyline for some time, but when I tried to open it today, I received a message that reads "Flash Player 10 or higher for Internet Explorer is required to run Articulate Storyline. Would you like to go to a web page to download it now?"

I have IE10 on my computer but don't use it, preferring other browsers. I also already have Flash Player 11 installed.

I can't get past this message. Has anyone experienced this as well, and if so, how did you rectify the situation? Thank you. Scott


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Sue Mullen

Solved. I had uninstalled Flash while working through an older solution on this site. Then saw this post, re-installed SL with Update 8, but still had no Flash. So I really *did* need to update my Flash! Lost a whole day of production (because Storyline wouldn't uninstall properly without IT intervention). Thanks, Adobe.

Edie Egwuonwu

Question - Did an e-mail go out to users about this? I just was wondering because I ended up wasting a ton of time researching and trying old solutions I found (i.e. uninstall Articulate and reinstall it, ensuring Flash is enabled) and so on in old threads. For something this major, wouldn't it have been easier to notify people that a new update was sent out and why? If one was sent out, I wonder how I didn't get the notification. 

Emily Ruby

Hello Edie!

We did not send out an email regarding this issue. There was a post made for each program that was affected and it was pinned at the top of the list. When we got the fix in place, that post was updated, and also we shared the updates within any posts that we saw coming in regarding the issue. 

Lynn Kepford

Thanks so much for posting this. It worked like a charm! I wish I had thought to check the SL website first. I spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting the issue both by myself and with our IT department. Five minutes after seeing your post--the problem was solved! I wonder if there's a way to push out posts like this to your registered users.

Janine Charbonneau

Yes, but I cannot find my licence number in my old emails - this is my question, how do I find it? I have looked through my old email, etc., but don't know exactly what to search under to find the email that had the licence number - can you tell me whom it would have been from or if there is somewhere I can look it up? thanks

Amy Cosgrove

Hello, I am having the same problem as Scott with this error message.  I have had Storyline 2 since October and it just started happening.  My IT person spent 2 hours trying to fix it this week, we thought we had it resolved with the fix you posted on the community site, but today the message is back.  Please help, this is causing my IT people to get upset with me and I'm now unable to meet a deadline. Thanks.  I also contact the support team.