Storyline module not registering score for multiple attempts

May 13, 2018


I have a storyline course that users are required to get a 100% grade to pass.  The issue I'm having is that if the user fails the quiz on the first attempt and retries, it takes them back to question three in the quiz and will not register a 100% score after that.  It is sitting on our Moodle LMS.  Can anyone help me?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Monique,

Are they retrying it from the results slide or from within the Moodle environment? 

If you think it's something specific to Moodle, you could always test that out by uploading your course to another environment such as SCORM Cloud. 

Let us know how it behaves there, and we'll keep troubleshooting from there! 

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