Storyline Out of memmory error message in chrome browser

Jan 25, 2018

Hi All,

I am facing the strange issue in chrome browser as i am running one of the storyline build.

Course is crashing and getting error message saying out of memory. is there any solution to fix this issue.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sinchu,

Thanks for checking in! I've tested this in a new Storyline file, but I haven't had any luck recreating the problem. 

What version of Storyline did you use to build the course? Could you share a sample file with me that has been giving you trouble? I'd like to publish it on my end and test it on Tempshare and SCORM Cloud. Thanks!

Mark Ramsey


I think it would be good to understand how Storyline "encourages" browsers to do garbage collection (memory recycling). We have a set of courses which typically are over 400 slides. These consist of 55-75  "content" slides and around 320-330 graded question slides. 

Regarding garbage collection, does the inclusion of "hide this layer" triggers cue the browser to collect a layer's memory for recycling? Does any trigger help with memory recycling? Or are we left with the other remedies stated in the Chrome link you have provided?

BTW I have seen this same issue in IE11.


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