Storyline Quiz Review - Is the Incorrect/Correct message editable?

Just watched Jeannette's great screenr on creating customized Quiz Review slides. In addition to this customization, is there a way to move/edit the "Incorrect" and "Correct" text rectangle that appears at the bottom of each review slide? I don't think it was customizable in Studio Quizmaker, but maybe it is in Storyline? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for sharing the file, I've been testing it this AM. It seems to be something associated with the custom review layer you've included, as when I was testing and implementing removing that layer for the multiple choice questions allowed them to work normally (they did not show the additional state change as we had discussed earlier) but I was able to add the review layer back in by opening up the multiple choice questions in "Form View" and then just including a space bar or period within the section for the review feedback. That regenerated the layer and I could make adjustments there as necessary. It also looks like you created the states differently for the checkmarks on your T/F vs the multiple choice - so you'll want to look into that as well. 

Lisa Phillips


I was able to make the little green checkmark disappear and my big one appear(I had to rename my state to "correct" instead of "review"), but now it is messing with the radio button of the selected answer on the review. If the user chose the correct answer, the radio button isn't showing as "selected" because we changed the state to "correct" - which doesn't show a filled radio button. So the user won't know that they had selected the correct answer when they do so. Any idea on how we can keep the radio button selected when we have the state change to "correct"?

The file i sent you yesterday i did the T/F questions differently as they weren't randomizing the answer choices. My thought was that I could just change the state from hidden to normal on the checkmark image rather than changing the state of the answer from selected to correct. The file i am attaching now has all the checkmarks using the change state on the selected answer.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Josef,

This is not yet a feature of Storyline - but there are a few different ways in which you could customize the review. Did you look through the items mentioned earlier in this thread? if you'd like to share your .story file perhaps others in the community can weigh in and share their ideas on how to set up  what you're looking for?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi T,

It's not a feature request that I've seen bubble up to the top of our list yet.  

When you submit a feature request our team reads and evaluates them on a set of criteria to determine if and how it's something we could include in a future update, version or iteration of the product, here’s our process.

Phillip McKay

Hi All,

I’ve managed to find a work around if anyone is still interested; however, it does require some work to set up.

Step 1: Create a question slide and results slide. Edit the quiz on the results slide and turn off ‘Allow user to review quiz’ and ‘Show correct/ incorrect responses when reviewing’ for your quiz. This set is turning off the default review and below we are going to create our own.

Step 2: Create your own ‘Review’ button on your results slide.

Step 3: Create a variable with a default value = False. E.g., review_quiz

Step 4: Create the following triggers on the ‘Review’ button:

(1) Set ‘review_quiz’ equal to True when the user clicks

(2) Jump to ‘Question 1’ when the user clicks

Step 5: Create a ‘Retry Quiz’ button and add the following triggers:

(1) Set ‘review_quiz’ equal to ‘False’ when the user clicks

(2) Reset results when the user clicks

(3) Jump to ‘Question 1’ when the user clicks

Step 6: Go to a question slide and create two shapes. These will display as correct or incorrect upon the review. Set initial state to Hidden. Have your answers already created, let’s assume the correct answer is ‘Answer 1’.

Step 7: Create the following triggers on the base layer of the question slide.

(1) Change state of ‘Correct’ to ‘Normal’ when the timeline starts IF ‘Answer 1’’s state is equal to ‘Selected’ and ‘review_quiz’ is equal to ‘True’

(2) Change state of ‘Incorrect to ‘Normal’ when the timeline starts IF ‘Answer 1’’s state is not equal to ‘Selected’ and ‘review_quiz’ is equal to ‘True’

In summary, we are setting up a review trigger that turns on upon review and turns off when the review is finished. If you have multiple quizzes you might want to add a trigger to set ‘review_quiz’ to False to a ‘Finish Quiz’ button, or even when the timeline starts on the results slide. Secondly, we are hiding/ showing the correct/ incorrect shapes based on whether the correct answer is selected or not.

Although it’s a bit of work to set up, you can just copy a skeleton template for future questions.

Sandra Lowe

Your issues is the opposite of mine.  When I go to review the quiz, there are NO next and back buttons so to review you have to click the submit button again and see the feedback before proceeding to the next one.  Frustrating.  How do I get that review navigation to appear during the review?

vimal singh

Hi Sandra , you can add a trigger on review layer to enable the next/prev button.


follow these steps:

 In the quiz view of each question slide, for review feedback keep the feedback blank but add blank space show that the review layer will appear in the slide and there you can add the trigger to enable next/prev button.

hope this will work for you.

Articulate1 User

I am having a related issue. I created a number entry quiz question, and custom feedback layers that appear for correct/incorrect. This all works fine.

BUT, when I go ahead and "review" the quiz at the end, when I do so, there is this mysterious ghost text that appears across my screen that seems to pull in the standard feedback (it say's Correct response!/Incorrect response). I am not sure how to remove this.

I have tried looking at the feedback master but there isn't a way to remove this text. 

Screenshot attached. Any ideas??