Storyline V 2 - SCORM issue using Chrome V56.0.2924.87 on Android

Feb 23, 2017


I'm having difficulty viewing certain SCORM modules that contain MP4s when viewing using Chrome V56.0.2924.87 on Samsung Galaxy S5, Android version 6.0.1

When I first experienced an issue using Chrome V56 the SCORM module was published with Storyline 2, update 9.  I noticed there was an update 11, so I installed this version of storyline, republished and there's still an issue.

To help describe the issue I'll first describe the module.  The intro slide goes through some quick animations, it then automatically progresses to the next slide which contains an MP4 which is set to auto play.  When it finishes playing it automatically progresses to the next slide, etc.  The issue I'm having is, when the MP4 slide appears, the video appears, the seekbar progresses, but the video does not play and the audio does not play.  I found though that if I press the rewind button on the right of the seekbar, the video and the audio will then play.

This issue doesn't exist when I view the same module using Chrome V55.0.2883.91 on a Samsung S5, Android version 6.0.1

I uploaded the module to the SCORM cloud and the same issue occurs when viewing using Chrome V56.

I then tried SCORM Cloud using Chrome V55 and the module plays with no issue.

I also tried publishing the module using a trial version of Storyline 360 but I have to say this is worse.  Not only does the same issue happen, I can't 'rewind' the MP4 as a workaround because the seekbar doesn't have a rewind button.

Oh, and I've only tested using WiFi. I've not tested using Mobile Data. About 12 months ago I had a similar issue when using an earlier version of Chrome but just on mobile data, not WiFi. I believe this was resolved in a Storyline update.

I absolutely love Storyline but I have to say that I'm being worn down by the issues that pop up following  Chrome updates.  We have several hundred staff that rely on their work Samsung for access to education , so 'workarounds' just aren't manageable.

If there's anything further you would like me to test or try, I'm very happy to.

Please advise.


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Richard Lander

Ashley, thank you to you and your colleagues for looking into this so
quickly. This is very encouraging news (both that the AS2 conflict on
Android isn't due to any oversight on our part and, more importantly, that
it seems as if AS3 provides a solution to the constant updates on other

We are very, very happy with Storyline for elearning authoring, and place
great value on the customer service you offer, and the contributions of the
E-learning heroes community as a whole. The fact that AS3 contents will
work on Android as well as (your preferred ;-) ) ios / mac devices is good
news for us all, and for Articulate.

We'll test the files and trial AS3.

Many thanks once again.


Richard Lander

Hi Ashley,

Is it possible that the links to the files in your email were reversed?
(Storyline 2 links to the file published in AS3 and vice versa).

The reason I ask is that we tried the link to the AS3 file and it froze as
before, but then happened to try the AS2 file and that seems to work
perfectly. Fingers crossed that AS3 is the solution as you suggested.

Richard Lander


Further to my previous post regarding the problems with courses published in AS2 v.12 not working on Android devices when they launch an mp3 file (as tested by us and also with the kind help of the Articulate staff) it seems that the same file, when published in AS3 works perfectly (it already worked on laptop and ipad), but ……

the file is a series of different interactions which we are using to test drive the interactions we want to make available across all devices … and on Android the second activity (drag and drop) doesn’t work even when published in AS3, though it does work on other devices.


The behavior as follows. Each time an item is dropped on a drop zone (whether correct or not) the state of one of six shapes (one for each item) is changed to hidden. When they are all hidden (ie the learner has attempted all six questions) the quiz is submitted. For the purposes of testing these shapes (6 orange crosses) are visible on screen and consequently we can see that, on a laptop, they behave exactly as intended: one cross disappears each time an item is dropped, and then the quiz is submitted after the final attempt.

On an Android phone the triggers do not change the state of the shapes for the first four drops and then for some reason the 5th and 6th drops change two shapes to hidden. But of course the quiz is not submitted because 4 of the six shapes are still in their normal state. As mentioned this is a problem which does not arise on other devices.



Richard Lander

The seemingly unending problems I've described in this post regarding publishing Storyline content for Android is beginning to generate a lot of concern and frustration. We have a lot invested in Articulate Storyline in terms of time, money, content creation and client expectations and had understood that the latest versions of AS were compatible with Android (though in earlier versions it was clearly stated that they were not).

It must be the case that many Storyline developers want their contents to be accessible on Android, with all the triggers and interactions working exactly as on other devices. We urgently need to know where the problem lies and if AS can work as advertised and sold , or not.

I have posted on several occasions that we have been highly satisfied with Articulate products, the excellent service in this forum, and the amazing collaboration from the whole community .... but we are not talking aboutr a minor glitch, or some interaction that could be worked around or avoided. If we cannot publish for a widely used device then we all have a very serious problem.

In the hope that this can be solved, kind regards to all.

Pete Taylor

Following Richard's posts, I would like to add my hat to the Android audio issues when publishing in Storyline 2. One of my colleagues has contacted support but the reply wasn't very promising. There is obviously an issue here and updating to Storyline 3 is not a solution. We have tested on several devices here (two Galaxy S8s, an S7 and Amazon Fire 7) with similar results.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

Yes, my apologies - it does look like I switched them. 😕 A copy/paste error...I fixed it up in my reply above. 

As for the other issues you've experienced, I'd love to have you work with our Support Engineers directly. They can test your courses in a variety of environments and versions to help narrow down the root cause of these oddities. If it's the same file you shared here I'm happy to open the case for you, or if you have another file that you'd prefer to share you can upload it to the team here.  

Just let me know how you'd like to proceed!

Richard Lander

Hi Ashley, Thank you for that offer. Yes, it's for the same file, which contains a sequence of three or four different interactions that we need to test, so it would be really helpful if you could open a case based on that activity. As mentioned above the first problem (launching an mp3 file when the learner clicks) seems to be solved when published in AS3, but the next interaction (drag and drop) doesn't work on Android, though it does on a laptop. 

I described the expected and actual behaviour in the earlier post which begins "Hello! Further to my previous post regarding the problems with courses published in AS2 v.12 not working on Android devices ......".

I'd be grateful for any insights from your Support Engineers. What we all need, of course, is not to solve each anomaly but to know whether we can safely design contents on a laptop and be sure they will behave correctly on other devices.

I realise this is also a headache for you at Articulate and hope that together we can find a permanent solution for these apparent incompatibilities. Kind regards, Richard



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Richard for confirming, and I'll go ahead and start that case for you with the information and file shared here. You'll see a confirmation email shortly, and you can feel free to respond to that to share anything else with the team. They'll be in touch via email once they've reviewed and tested your course, so keep your eyes out for an email from the address! 

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