May 08, 2015

I just learnt about tempshare and follow the video tutorial and publish, zip, upload on the project (86MB) I have recently made. However, over the past 6 hours and 6 times (maybe more), the whole thing just stopped moving (status: publishing 99%) everytime. Anything wrong? What should I do?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Vincent,

What browser are you using to upload to tempshare? I haven't heard of any recent problems this week, but you may want to try from a different browser to see if it behaves any differently. Also if you'd like to share the .story file or the published output here we're also happy to test uploading it to the site. Additionally you could also review the information in this article for a few other options in which you could test your web published content. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the additional information. I haven't run into any issues uploading to tempshare recently, but haven't tried a file of that size either. I'm curious if you could share your example here and we're happy to give it at try.

Also, did you look at trying any of the other options mentioned? Since Tempshare is just designed as a temporary testing platform, you may want to look more closely at how it'll upload to your final destination. 

Vincent Lau

Hi Amy,
The situation you described was exactly what I was crying out for help some
months ago.
Tempshare did not work here, then I thought it was something to do with the
Great Firewall here in Shanghai. Then when I was in Singapore later on, the
problem still persisted using the same laptop.
I use Storyline 2.0 Windows 8.1, and did the tests on IE, Chrome, Firefox
and Safari.
Since you asked, I tried that again now. Result is the same.
I truly give up.

Vincent Lau
[image: Inline image 1]

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cherie -- Sorry to hear you are running into an issue as well, and you are welcome to share your file if you would like us to test it on our end for you.

In the meantime, as you mentioned a need to test the LMS version of your project, have you considered using the SCORM Cloud (as it is the industry standard for LMS testing)? You should be able to use the limited trial version at no cost to you. Hope that helps!

Vanessa Ek

This has happened to me with my last two larger projects- they get stuck at 99%, even though they are less than 200mb, and the limit is 300. Articulate Support never resolved my issue, only gave me a temporary fix by uploading it to his web server. I can't use something like Dropbox (company policy- security measures). I've been having trouble with file corruption, even though I strictly follow the guidelines to avoid corruption. I thought maybe that was the issue for the 99%. Is that possible? Seeing as this seems to happen to a number of people, is it being looked into??

Leslie McKerchie

No problem Angela - it's no worries on our part, but good to be sure the users are aware.

Hey Vanessa - that is correct. If you wish to share the .story file, I could try to upload for you. Tempshare is simply a way to test content and is not a hosting solution, so you could certainly upload to the intended environment to fully test. 

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