Text boxes losing formatting when published

Nov 20, 2020

I am working with Storyline 360 v3.46.23620.0 and am having an issue with text boxes moving and losing format settings when I publish them or go back to edit them later. You can see in the image below that the slide looks correct in thumbnail view. However, the top line of text has lost Do Not Autofit and Wrap Text settings. The lower block of text has moved from the original alignment.Difference thumbnail and slide view

In the attached video, you can see the size of the text box change quickly when I click on it to move it.

This will be a template for my team, but I have to find out what is causing this erratic behavior before I can share it.

Thanks for your help,


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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Bryan!

Thank you for providing all of those helpful details.

I'm having difficulty recreating the formatting problem when testing a sample Storyline 360 Update 46 file. A few questions to help us find a fix:

Bryan Braley

Thanks, Katie.

This file is stored on my local drive (Desktop).
So far, it is just happening in this file, but this was a new Storyline file just a few days ago. The behavior seemed to appear after I imported several of the Illuminate slides into the project and started branding them.

I have uploaded the project file and opened incident # 02532366.

If it helps, I am running Windows 7 and am unable to upgrade at this time per the IT Department. Additionally, I get several error messages throughout the day with Storyline and end up closing and restarting the program. I am usually editing a trigger when these errors occur.

Thanks again,


Chantal Callow

We are having the same issue. I build the Storyline file locally on my laptop, but when I send it to be published on our LMS, the text boxes loose their format. It seems a bit random, but I am not sure at this time. If it is a large project, it can take hours to manually fix each text box!

My most recent project I published to the review site 14 times, with no issues, but when it went for publishing, most of the text boxes were stretched out over the page.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Chantal and Niusha!

Sorry, you're running into this issue where text boxes are off the slide! To ensure that we can assist you quickly, I'd recommend reaching out to our Support Engineers by submitting a case. It would be helpful to share an affected file where this issue is occurring. I'll keep an eye out if you decide to submit a case!

Bryan Braley

For me, the solution was opening a case which resulted in running an application they provided to do a full uninstall of Storyline and then reinstalling the latest version. After that, the problem was resolved.
Here's a post that has a link to the file I downloaded, but it may not be the latest version so I advise opening a ticket with support.


Hope this helps.


Steven Benassi

Hi Jennifer!

Sorry to hear you are also running into issues where the text boxes are running off of the slides in your Storyline 360 course.

Not to worry! I went ahead and opened a support case on your behalf to put you in touch with one of our support engineers. Through that case, you will be able to privately share a copy of your .story file so our team can take a closer look into the issue.

You should be hearing from them shortly!