Text not rendering correctly in Internet Explorer 11

I have the latest version of Storyline 360. I published multiple e-learning modules in HTML 5 for my client. The text (Open Sans font) is not rendering correctly, and multiple letters are missing. I can't duplicate the problem on my end, but the client is seeing the issue on multiple machines. The only difference is a slight variation in the IE version number. The client is using IE version 11.576.14393.0. I am using IE version 11.540.15063.0. 

The attached PowerPoint file includes some screen shots showing the issues. 

Any help is much appreciated!

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Zoran Jancic

1st issue here but with Studio 360 (Presenter and Quizmaker). All text displays in font that appears to be Times New Roman. Very ugly looking content and very angry customer. Changing font to Arial doesn't help. Can't switch browser (corporative standard), can't use Flash (corporative standard because of security issues). Font downloads already enabled. Any solution yet? It's been a while...

Philip Edwards

I just discovered this thread we have the same issue.....no matter what font we use it comes out Times Roman with spacing issues.  We are on government standard image and cannot use anything but IE 11 (Edge won't handle certificates}  I have tried it on IE 11 where I can enable upload fonts and it works.  We have spent a lot to move to SL3 because we have to get rid of the FLASH before it goes away.  This doesn't happen in SL2 you can go into the manifest on a SCO and point it to the HTML5 page and courses will play in HTML5.....so why does it work in SL2 but not in SL3?

Need to know if Articulate intends to fix this as we have a lot of components that are going to purchase SL3 and I will need to advise them to hold off as this is totally useless as is.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Philip.  I hate for you to feel like your Storyline output is useless because of the font issue.  So that I'm clear, you mentioned that you "can enable upload fonts and it works."  Are you referring to the solutions in this article?  

We are still working through what changes we can make as an alternative to having the "font download" option enabled in IE.  This issue is a high priority for our team.  I don't have an ETA for the fix yet, but we'll keep you updated!

Philip Edwards

I enabled fonts download on a computer that was offline of our network and I had the ability to do so and was able to open a course on our LMS thru an outside internet connection. This would not be a solution for the majority of our users.  We are not allowed to change these settings on a standard image machine for security reasons so it is not an option. neither is  using a different browser.  It works okay in SL2 so if you can give us a switch to use SL2 font rendering that may fix it. 

Crystal Horn

Understood.  That certainly presents a difficulty for you. 😕

We rebuilt our HTML5 engine in Storyline 3 and 360, so there are some performance differences between Storyline 2 and the latest versions.  We'll keep you updated with changes to the font rendering mechanism in future releases.

Rebecca Irby

Hi there I'm having the same issues: font displaying in Times New Roman with missing f's in IE 11. Angry client, no way to change browsers. Just outputting for Flash is a terrible idea since it's getting phased out, but I'm going to try it to see if it works. 

When can we get a real fix for this issue? Going back to Storyline 2 is not possible, as we need as many accessibility features we can get, as 508 needed to be accomplished on this course.

It's a problem. 

Michael Torp

I had this issue, in an organisation with over 25K employees. Our IT department wouldn't allow download of fonts in IE. But they concluded, that this error is solved in Edge.

So the solution for us is now, that the URLs where we distribute our storyline projects automaticly switches from IE11 to Edge - for everyone in the organisation. 

Maybee someone can use this solution in other organisations as well, so I just wanted to let you know.

Tamara Spurr

I'm having the same issue and this is ridiculous. 

One thing I noticed is the "woff" font type (which is not compatible with everything), then the svg wrapper, so it's really hard to tell exactly what is going on with the SL font rendering engine. My course is using Open Sans.

Is there a reason is can't be written to the page in regular css  (I also develop websites). I'm in a really tight spot! Any updates on this? Menu is fine, course is doing exactly the same thing as shown in the PPT in this thread.

Nate Marshall

I've seen a few threads about this issue and they all seem to be a year old with no official resolution. I'm having the same issue here and am working as well in a position where i cant ask IT to change policy or push out changes. I've been having the issue with kearning and dropped letters and ligatures. I've tried the modern font checkbox and have witnesses this with multiple fonts. 

Is there any hope of a resolution or are we all just waiting until IE dies and everyone if forced to Edge?

Jeff Forrer

Not sure if this will help anyone, I had a similar issue awhile back with t's and f's missing and it was because I had a corrupted font on my system.  If you preview your font on your computer and it comes up blank it is corrupt and needs to be installed. 

See article here: