Text variables inside scrolling panel

May 27, 2016


I have a scrolling text panel that is populated dynamically with a text variable. My variable content will vary from anything from a single line of text to hundreds of lines.

Whenever I publish my slide, instead of a scroll bar appearing, my text box automatically resizes the font to fit - regardless of the fact that I have set my text box to 'do not autofit'.

I notice that this issue has already been flagged in this forum three years ago here, with other forum members making the same request right up until three months ago. Am i correct in assuming that there is still no solution to this?

Has anyone managed to find a workaround for this?







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Crystal Horn

Hi Chris and Neil.  Chris, thanks for referencing that other discussion.  I'm going to include the link to our article describing the behavior of variables referenced within a text box here.  This behavior is by design, so while it isn't necessarily a "bug," it sounds like it is still a pain point for you and other designers--especially if you have lines and lines of text which will probably be impossible to read if it is resizing.  

Would you be able to submit a feature request, as others have done, to demonstrate this need to our development team from a customer perspective?  We share these threads internally as well to help with the feature request process.

Christopher Guarraia

I did come up with a workaround after submitting a feature request. What I did with the text box is put in the variable reference, added one carriage return, and then for the text within that text box, and I added an exorbitant amount of spacing after each paragraph. For example, in the attached file, I added 300 pt in the Paragraph dialog box (Home ribbon > Paragraph group > Paragraph dialog launch button) > Spacing category > After field.

When I entered text that was more than the physical dimension of the text input field, it worked, although there was space after the last line of text. Depending on the amount of text you predict, you may need to increase or decrease the amount of spacing after the paragraph to maintain the desired font size.