The buttons on the feedback master

Mar 02, 2023

I have inherited a Storyline 360 template at work and I cannot find the button on the feedback master slides.  I don't see the placeholder.  The current button is black font on a eggplant background and I am spending too much time reformating each of the three feedback slides per question slide.  I found the format painter is not working between layers either; like I format- copy the button on the incorrect feedback and then I format- paste on the correct feedback or try again feedback. There is no change to the font colour.  I also don't like the position of the button or the size of the button.  Otherwise, I am a really sensible person.  I will upload the template if that is helpful but I suspect there is an article somewhere which would restore peace.  I appreciate any leads.

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Judy Nollet

I'm guessing that whomever prepped the file deleted the button placeholder from the Feedback Master Layout because each type of Question slide in scene 5 has its own color. My other guess is that they assumed anyone using the template would duplicate one of those existing slides or import one into another file, as needed. In other words, they didn't expect that the button placeholder would be needed. 

Unfortunately, if you insert a new Question slide, Storyline will add a default Continue button to the Incorrect and Correct layers (as you've seen).

Here are some possible paths forward:

  • Only duplicate and/or import the existing Question slides from scene 5. 
  • Add new button placeholders to the Feedback Master layouts that have the basic size & placement you want. (You can change colors later on a given slide.) 
Doris Chwist

Hello Judy,

Your instructions led me to success.  Because I have about a gazillion of projects to do with this master set, I am starting my work with the masters.  I recieve the recorded screen from the SME and so it is only one slide.  I apply the template and remove the default clean master.  Then in the feedback masters, I copy the button from the clean and apply it on the inherited theme.  I format it to my liking and tada!  Now Storyline creates the step by step 'try mode' scene with the desired feedback layers.  All 39 slides have the right layout!  

Thank you! 

Judy Nollet