The media library and updated images

Mar 29, 2022

Hi everyone!

I was wondering... I'm starting a huge eLearning project and usually I keep my files on my local PC and backup to my work onedrive. However, that's my personal account and should I win in the lottery or get run over by a bus, the company is in dire straits regarding immediate access.

I have therefore created a folder on our teams site and moved all my eLearning files there. Now for the question: It seems the media library knows when a file has been updated (i.e. an image). It places a small yellow dot next to it and tells me that the original file is newer or something like that. If I move all my eLearning files to a new location do I then have to replace all the images in my courses with the ones in the new course to keep this functionality?



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ANNE Learning

Thanks Thaddeus!

However, moving them isn't my concern. I know that's possible. What I'm interested in is the "A newer version is available" feature of the image library with the little yellow dot. It's my understanding that that's based on the image always being in the folder structure it intially was. Hence, if I move the entire course this relation gets lost - I think.

I won't lose the image or anything like that, I know that. But it's a cool feature that I'd hate to lose.

Andrea Koehntop

Hi Michael, and thank you for your question!

You do not have to replace all of your images in your course with new ones to keep their functionality. This yellow dot and language are just letting you know that updates are available for this asset if you would like to use the updated version

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.