Tracking Slide Completion

Mar 15, 2021

We are working with an Articulate Storyline File from our vendor. We can see that the course tracking is saying 44 out of 55 slide need to be complete in order for the course to be complete. Our question: 

1. Does this mean that the first 44 slides need to be viewed or can it be any of the slides? 


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jenna,

That "44 of 55" setting means that the course would be considered complete as soon as the learner views any 44 slides. And that might mean someone could complete the course by viewing optional slides while never seeing what you consider the "final" slides. For example, this might happen if there are a lot of optional lightbox slides.

FYI: the learner wouldn't know that they could exit early and still be marked as complete, because that info isn't visible to them. But if they happen to exit after 44 non-essential slides, then they'd discover the course was completed. 

Thus, except for linear courses, it's tricky to track completion via # of slides viewed. 

  • If you have Storyline 360, I suggest you switch to using a completion trigger on the last slide. 
  • If you have Storyline 3, well, that version doesn't have completion triggers. However, this post provides an alternate method for tracking completion: