Translation Problem - Storyline 2

Hi All,

I am having to translate some training into 7 languages but I am seeing a problem when using the translation  export and import in storyline 2 (using the word file)

Some of the text is German and some is translated correctly into portuguese. 

I have attached the translation file and the corresponding page from the training course. 

Any ideas why it's doing this and how to fix it?

Thanks All.

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Mark Shepherd

Interesting translation issue, Sean!

I'm speculating here, but my guess is somehow, somewhere, the Translation Matrix/Table in your Word document MIGHT have gotten corrupted and/or confused. 

There is significant potential for this to happen if you have multiple copies of the SAME English or other source content housed within the SAME project.

If I damage or mix-up even the SLIGHTEST element in this translation document, it can lead to some serious FIND/REPLACE confusion when I import into Articulate Storyline. 

I have several badly-formed translated content Import passes to support this concept.

My suggestion:

This is likely not what you want, but TRY limiting your translation documents to just ONE other language before importing.  I'm betting if you break it up into distinct language chunks, the Translation features will likely work much better for you.

Now, getting past that, if you can come up with a way to somehow bring in multiple languages of text content into a single Storyline Project at the SAME time, more power to you, but I have yet to see it be done, never mind done accurately and well.

Hope this helps!