Trouble deleting Master Slides (set of slides) that are not being used - Cannot turn off "Preserve"

Apr 24, 2017

My file seems to run slow when I go to my "Master View" and it might have something to do with 10+ sets of Master slides.

I'm having trouble deleting master slides in my project.  I imported slides from a project from last week and it duplicated the same master slides. I now have 10+ and I have made sure they are all using one set of master slides.

I cannot delete any of the ones that say the slides are "used by no slides"

The preserve button is locked and looks highlighted with the text dimmed.

When I right-click any of the unused master slides, it has "delete" and "preserve" text dimmed.

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Kyle Main

Well, now it has broken my open file.  When I went to Master View, it has locked up while trying to load all of the Master Slides.

I had started a new Storyline file and Imported the project slides (Hoping I could escape from the unused Master Slides), and it imported all slides just fine and everything was running smooth until I went to the Master Slide view.

Has anyone else had this issue?

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