Updates and Software flaws

I think it's important to be honest here I have been using storyline 2 on a full time basis for over a year now and after the last three updates this software has gotten progressively worse in functionality. I posted about issues and nothing came of it. Just to be clear it's not my system I have a solid state HD with and additional 1TB hard drive 32gigs of ram i7 processor. I run the complete Adobe Suite all day every day and have no issues with their software but every update I have gotten your software becomes slower and I will save files and go back to the same slide ten minutes later and it has reverted. I can't ctrl+c or ctrl=v when the timeline is unbound and I have to wonder do you actually even use your own software and test before India re-codes it.

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Matthew Bibby

Have you tried repairing your install of Storyline Joseph?

I also use it every day and haven't experienced the issues you've mentioned. Sure, there are the occasional bugs, but nothing that suggests that Articulate doesn't test their releases thoroughly. 

If a repair doesn't help, it would be worth reaching out to support and seeing if they have any ideas...

All the best.


Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Jospeh,

I have found some bugs in SL2, too... but Articulate has not yet solved them.

The bugs are well known and described in this community but the programmers do not offer an update.

It's annoying, because I can not update to Update 6 and 7 because these updates contain at least one bug (drag & drop interaction) which will make my courses corrupt.

Maybe an Articulate programmer will read this and a new Update will be released soon.

Aurélien Largeau

Hi all,

Same problem here. We're working every day with Storyline and we fear every update. The last one has messed up our Storyline files, we lost all variables from a very big project and we have lost quite some time in the development. I totally agree with Joseph and Jan regarding the software, it is very frustrating and annoying. All people using Storyline in our company think it's very good and very bad at the same time. The software has too many bugs and we totally agree with Joseph when he says he feels it is not tested or even used.

Matthew Bibby

Out of curiosity, what bugs are you referring to Jan? I rarely use drag and drop interactions (as they aren't accessible) so I haven't run into the issue you mentioned.

Aurélien, that doesn't sound good at all. I'd be very annoyed if an update removed all of the variables from a project I was working on. Was this a recent update?

Jan Vilbrandt

Hi Mathew,

there is a problem with "tiling" in drag&drop interactions... if you use newer updates than #5 the tiling won't work.


If you do not use the english version, there are huge problems with built-in triggers like "hover". Since Translation bugs have not occured the first time, this is still annoying because it looks like the programmers are only testing in "english"...


Apart from that:

I have got the "Feeling" that SL2 is destroying my slide order when I create courses which are not sequentional but consist of mutli-mays to get through. The "next slide" feature messes the whole Scenes up and is replacing slides with others from the same Scene when I reload the course the next day to continue working on it.

My solution is to not use the "next slide" feature but to link every slide to each other with "jump to slide xy" instead of "junp to next slide" even when the next slide is the next in order!

This leeds to this thread: (only in german language, sorry). It's about a missing featuere - an alternative to "previous slide": jumping to previous slide in course oder - not in click order. This is not a bug but a missing Feature ;-)



"All people using Storyline in our company think it's very good and very bad at the same time. The software has too many bugs and we totally agree with Joseph when he says he feels it is not tested or even used."

This is exact the Feeling I have at the Moment when using SL2.

Thank you for describing. :-)

Joseph Thomas


This is how I use my work space and have for 15 years, when the timeline is un-docked I can't Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V and this is ridiculous because I could four the first 5 months after the release of Storyline 2. To have to right click twice seems like no biggie right??? But what if you have to do 1,000 time a day then would you find it as ridiculous as I do.

Screen shot of how my workspace

Aurélien Largeau

@ Matthew: this was the latest update. When we opened the project again, the slide size changed back to the default settings (all images and files were messed up, great...) and we lost all variables. Our team of developers were very angry and this is not the first time we've experienced big annoying bugs with Storyline / updates. One of them is currently testing the competition. Storyline doesn't feel like a professional solution in regards to what I've just said.

Matthew Bibby

Thanks for clarifying the problems you are facing Jan.

I wasn't aware of the translation bugs, I wonder if the issue with the next slide triggers is somehow related (those triggers have always worked reliably for me)?

I know what you mean about the previous slide in course order - that was something that caused me a lot of confusion when I first starting using Storyline. I guess I'm used to the behaviour now... 

Joesph, I understand that having the click twice rather than using keyboard shortcuts can be incredibly frustrating. I wonder why this didn't get fixed in a recent update? 

I recently learnt that double clicking the format painter or the animation painter will cause it to lock on so that you can easily copy the formatting to multiple objects. This little trick alone has saved me thousands of mouse clicks!

Matthew Bibby

Aurelien, that is shocking...

For years I've always avoided updating software when in the middle of a big project. Then, before I run the update, I double check that I have two working backups (on different external drives) - so if something like this happens I can easily roll back to a reliable version.

This cautiousness came about after a Captivate project I'd been working of for a month was corrupted during an update... To say 'it was not a good day' would be an understatement!