User receiving Flash messaging when launching training

I have a user who is saying they receive a "Flash no longer supported" message when attempting to launch a training on our LMS (Cornerstone.)  This is a training that was packaged as TinCan out of SL 360 that contains both the .swf and .html files. I am able to launch the training successfully.

Curious if anyone else has seen this issue?  I am attaching the .zip that is uploaded to our LMS.




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Ren Gomez

Hi Shelley,

Thanks for reaching out, and good call to share your file in a case! I see that my teammate, Jose, did some testing and wasn't able to replicate the issue in SCORM Cloud. I can confirm I received the same experience, and the course operated as expected.

Let him know if this suggestion below helped!

Since the issue appears to be isolated to your LMS, please have them upload your course as a new course, or clear they system's cache data to make sure that your users are not accessing an older version of your course.