User trying to view content on Windows 2000 computer?

Aug 14, 2012

This is an area out of my knowledge.  The user is trying to go through a learning object known to work, using a computer running on Windows 2000.  I'm going to guess he is still using Internet Explorer 6 (7 at the most).  He is reporting that he got through about 65% of the module and it froze on him, and he couldn't even ctrl+alt+delete his way out.  He attempted the module two other times and it froze at 15% each time.  He had to reboot his computer each time to make his computer function again.

I looked at the Viewing Content specs, and there was nothing about the operating system, but it mentioned flash.  I tried to research if Flash 10 or higher is supported on a machine running Windows 2000.  Does anyone know this offhand?  Has anyone else had users with older computer/operating systems having issues?

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David Celaya

I would guess its the Flash that his machine cant handle. You could blame Microsoft and IE 6 for no longer being capable of effectively playing back Flash based content (or compatible with your LMS, if you have one or not) in an effort to get them to try Firefox or Chrome (if those would even install).

Odds are, if their using a 12 year old OS, their using at leas a 12 year old computer, which probably means they don't like change. You may have to eventually put your foot down so to speak, and say that their are some minimum specs that your content is guaranteed to run on. Just do it with a smile

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