Using Articulate Storyline files in LearnDash

Jun 23, 2021

I have been looking through previous posts and I need some clarity.  When using Storyline files in LearnDash, I see that I need the GrassBlade xAPI plugin.  Do I need Grassblade LRS if I want to be able to see learner progress and do badging?  Are there other options that are less expensive for plugins?  If we leave LearnDash altogether, are there other systems that easily integrate these files without plugins?

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Saurabh Chauhan

Hi Melissa,

You need a plugin or not is completely depends upon package type (HTML5, xAPI, SCORM or cmi5) you're exporting from Storyline, same applies for LRS as well.

LearnDash LMS does not support any of these standards out of the box, so you need plugin like GrassBlade xAPI Companion to add this functionality.

To just launch content, you can export HTML5 and SCORM package and only GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin can do, no LRS required.

To track data you need the LRS, connect with any free LRS.

If you want better integration with LearnDash LMS only then you need GrassBlade Cloud LRS. This integration let you issue badges with GamiPress plugin when user completes a Storyline content or score a certain % in the storyline content, as well as features like Rich Quiz Reports.

With integration, it can pass the Storyline quiz score to LearnDash reports and can automatically complete the LearnDash lesson/topic/quiz when user completes the added storyline content.

Works with xAPI, SCORM and cmi5 package.

Check this thread, you might find something useful:

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