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Oct 12, 2012

I'm wondering if other people have encountered this issue:

I have videos on several of my course slides that begin about .25s into the slide. They are set to play automatically, and to not display any controls. On Desktop view, I have no issue whatsoever.

On the Mobile Player, however, a slide will start, and the video will play for two seconds, then freeze, while the rest of the slide plays. If you click on the scrubbar and drag it back, and re-start playback on the slide, the video will be fine and it will sync. This happens consistently with all videos.

Has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone suggest any solutions?

What I also found curious is that, although the table that compares Flash, HTML5, and Mobile Player output says the Mobile Player does not support slides advancing automatically, my courses have not had trouble moving automatically from one slide to the next...

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Gerry Wasiluk

The problem I found was with having videos on the first couple of slides.  They'd be really jerky and sometimes stop.

And it doesn't help that the iPad is lousy at caching.  (I'm getting less and less enamored of the iPad as a learning device and even less of HTML5 since it is so limiting for now.  Though if I have to choose, I'd use the Articulate Mobile player version when the content is really rich.)

So for the iPad, I've resorted to this. 

First, I try not to have videos on consecutive slides in the course.

Then, I try not to make the videos really long.  Try to have them as short as possible.  Or break them up if I have to.

Last, the way Storyline loads is it downloads the first three slides in a course and then starts downloading the rest.  So if my first slide is a video, I put three slides ahead of it to slow things down a bit and give the video content time to cache as best it can on the iPad.

Here's an example of something I'm doing for my former company: (not so much a true learning course but more "e-learning advertising" to distributors)

The first two slides are fake "loading" slides.  Then the third slide is one reminding the learner the course has sound, with a button for them to start the course.  All this is done to build a delay in with the first three slides being really "light" so as much of the rest of the course can pre-load in the background.

Then the course begins with my title slide which is mainly a video I created in PowerPoint 2010 and exported as a WMV.  For the most part, the video (knock on wood) has been playing okay on my iPad when I've tested.

Garrett Metz

Hi Belen-

I have also encountered some videos issues where the audio does not play seamlessly, even in the mobile player!

I find that adding a trigger to play the video file at timeline start definitely helps. I also set my publish quality to Standard, which also helped my audio show up. I am thinking a trigger at timeline start will help sync the player controls. 



Belen Ferrer

Hi Garrett,

My issue was that the sound and video would cut out or freeze in the Mobile Player after about 3s. I submitted a case and this issue was mostly if not entirely resolved by the most recent Storyline and Mobile Player updates.

Your issue might be a little different from the one I had. Did you make your settings like what I have in the photo below?

If so, you'll find that your video plays right on cue and pauses when the player is paused, which is great. However, be aware that if you have the seekbar enabled so your user can click on it to jump ahead and back within a given slide, the SLIDE will jump around like the user wants(text, images), but the VIDEO will not. The video will play beginning to end, unaffected by the seekbar. So, in this sense, it can fall out of sync -- or at least that is my experience.

I hope this helps,


Garrett Metz

Hi my settings were Play Video Automatically, and I also added the trigger. I just tested and my seek bar definitely scrubs through the video (playing, or when paused) so this was hopefully addressed in one of the updates.

My issue was that the sound would not play and thought that adding the slide trigger may help like it helped my issue.

Thanks again,


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