Video (MP4) plays in preview but not when published

Sep 05, 2012

I have been searching the various resouces here and found some articles and posts regarding this issue but none of them seem to address my issue.

My Storyline project includes 2 pages that contain MP4 videos. The only content on those pages is the video. When I preview the course they work fine, but once the course is published to my local hard drive they do not.  

When viewing the published course the video pages show the slide background and no video.  The player has what appears to be the correct duration and the progress bar moves, but no audio or video.

I can see the MP4s in the published folder (local) and they do play fine if I open them in an external viewer from the published course folder.

This does not seem to be a MIME issue or an issue with a network.

I am viewing the published course using Win7 and Chrome (not as HTML 5).  It is the same computer and browser that I am successively viewing the preview.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, John.

There is a known bug in the current version of Flash Player for Google Chrome, that affects some content types.  I don't believe that locally-stored video is one of the problematic content types, but this is worth considering.

What happens if you try viewing the locally-published course in IE or Firefox?  Also, what happens if you publish for CD?

Let us know what you find.  Thanks!

Robert Fish

I just wanted to confirm that there is a problem with Chrome and video as suggested above.   My embedded .flv video played fine in Presenter preview mode, but disappeared when published to the web and viewed in Chrome.   The same published "player" file, when the type was changed to Firefox, played without any problems and the video was viewable.

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