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Jan 14, 2014


My company is attempting to use Storyline for video courses (just the video content right now). However, after I publish my Storyline file as SCORM and upload it to our LMS the actual video does not show up. It works fine before I've published it.

I tried a test mp4 file first and that one didn't work. Then I imported a .wmv file (which the Articulate tutorials tell me are converted to mp4 when loaded to Storyline), and that didn't work either.

I attached a screenshot of the missing video content when I view the file after it is loaded in the LMS.

I would appreciate any help with this!



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Dwayne Schamp

Here's what we did:

Our servers don't recognize the MP4 format either. So we encode our FLVs with the "Encode Alpha Channel" which forces Storyline to leave the format alone, and actually use the FLV version rather than convert to MP4. And as the course is Flash output anyway, it should play the FLV format with no problems.

Here's a handy chart I found here (but can't remember where, so I took a snapshot)

Yasmine Benamrane

Well these videos work pretty well when publishing the training into the Web format and playing the training directly on my browser. The issue comes from the compatibility with our LMS. I published the training into AICC format (supported by our LMS) and changed the format of the videos (from mp4 to WMV) and its better as we are not stuck on the first video slide  (as we were before when publishing the training in the Web format with mp4 videos into our LMS) but what happens it that the training skip the videos to go through the next slide... I have no idea what's going on. :-/ We are working with the free trial version of the software and we were ready to buy Storyline 2 but as we are not sure it will work properly with our LMS we are waiting to fix this issue. Any ideas are more than welcome! :-)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yasmine, 

You mentioned publishing in web format and uploading that to your LMS, which could be why things were not working as expected? You'd want to publish for the environment in which you intend to use. We can't offer support for modifications to the published output, such as how you're changing the video files, so I'm unsure what impact that could be having on your set up. Did you LMS share that they don't support MP4s? 

Yasmine Benamrane

Hi Ashley!

 Actually, I published my training into LMS AICC format and when publishing into our LMS all the videos are just skipping. I think our LMS has an issue with Flash and not sure he enjoys mp4. My last tentative will be to reformat videos into FLV or SWF so there will be no changing format for the output file.

 Will keep you informed if it works. Thanks and enjoy your week!


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