Hi everyone:

Was wondering if anyone knows about or has figured out a way to pause a Video's playback on a Slide if the RESOURCES List is CLICKED.

My intention here is to temporarily STOP playback of the Video (the video is AUTO-STARTED at the BEGINNING of the Slide) when/if someone wants to check out an external resource.

The closest I have come to achieving this is to use a "Click outside the Video" trigger, but unfortunately, this ONLY Fires if the CLICK is on the SLIDE, NOT on the Resources.  :(

Any suggestions/ideas welcome.

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Ashley:

It's not a major problem - I just was wondering if it was possible. 

I've restructured my Project so that the Resources are displayed on the following slide after the Video instead. 

Even if what I was looking for was possible, it didn't seem to make much sense cramming both items into the same slide - it's just adding complexity for complexity's sake, I think. ;)