Video playback problems Articulate Storyline 360

Feb 18, 2017

It seems any video I publish in Storyline 360 cannot be controlled by the seek bar or the video control bar. Every time I try the video goes back to the start.

I was using Storyline 2 and had no problems. Is it me or is there a problem?

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Amy Adair-Gregory

Thank you, Leslie!

I was able to successfully complete it, did it show as complete on your end?

I noticed that when a correct answer is selected it does not show the feedback layer as designed.  Any reason why that might be happening?  Also, when I do not pass and try to utilize the review function I am not able to navigate through the review once I come to a question where the answer was correct....? 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Amy - Don't thank me just yet :)

Alright, you almost stumped us. First thing, curious how you created the Feedback layer? Did you create a new layer, or did you edit one of the built in ones?

Your set-up seems to work fine on the incorrect answers, but this seems to be because you have a retry option and Storyline is 'waiting' for lack of a better terminology.

When it's correct, I think it's just skipping past everything - because the layer opens then moves onto the next slide. So, you don't see any of it.

Would you be able to utilize the built in layers and customize them? That would prevent some confusion.

If you need a custom set-up still, hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and assist with the design.

Tizi Cavagnoli

Hi all,

I have the same problem with the player seekbar and  the seekbar below the video into the slide. I uploaded an mp4 video into Storyline 360 and published to Articulate Online.

The seekbar doesn't work, every time I try to go forward or backwards,  the video restarts from the beginning.

Anybody fixed the problem??

Help appreciated.


Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing your file with us, Tizi! Really sorry you're hitting that snag.

I tested your file, and was able to reproduce the video restarting issue in Articulate Online when clicking on the seekbar that Leslie had a hunch about. A current workaround may be to enable the video seekbar separately.

I hope that helps, and you're in the right place to stay updated on this bug – we'll notify everyone in this thread as soon as we get more information from our team!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Phoebe, 

It appears this issue has only been reported with Articulate Online while viewing on Android, and not as a larger LMS issue. It could be something in Saba that is similar to the issue in Articulate Online so to narrow it down I'd like to see if you've also tested your course outside of Saba? If you can upload to SCORM Cloud that's another good LMS testing option to confirm where the issue is.

Angie Elliott


We use Articulate 360 and Latitude Learning as our LMS. I have a video that is playing perfectly in preview, on Articulate Review, but not in our LMS. 

Similarly to the others responding in this post, the seekbar moves to the right spot in the video in the preview and Articulate Review, but in our LMS it starts the video over no matter where I click.

I am happy to share the file with your team, but I need to send it in a secure way. Please let me know how I can best do that.

Thank you in advance!

Jennifer Morgan

HI Angie! 

I just explained the situation to my IT department and demonstrated it to them.  They immediately knew it was our firewall that was making the video restart.  I'm not sure what they did on the back end...I'm assuming they removed our LMS website from the list.  After that, it worked perfectly! 

I hope they figure out your issue soon! Good luck!

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