Video Will Not Play in Articulate Player

Feb 13, 2014

I have published a Storyline course for LMS (Tin Can output) and have tested it on my client's LMS (Litmos) and also on SCORM Cloud. There are multiple videos in the course, but the one on the second slide will not play when the course is run from the Articulate Mobile Player on an iPad. The video plays as designed when the course is run from a PC. I originally thought it may have something to do with the fact that the first slide auto-advances to the second. But, even if I take out that trigger and add a Next button, the opening video on the second slide just locks up the Articulate Mobile Player. The imported video is MP4 format.

I've attached what the screen looks like when this happens. The image shown is from the end of the first slide; the circular "I'm working on it" animation just keeps playing and the second slide never loads. The course locks up and I cannot use the menu to go to any other slide. I am able to tap Library to return to the Library screen.

If anyone knows what may be going on, please advise.

Thank you!

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Rebecca Adler

Thanks for the responses! I did check the Articulate Player box when publishing, and the Articulate Player opens when the course is launched from the LMS, so that part works beautifully.

Since Storyline exports all videos into MP4 format when publishing, it's puzzling that just that one is giving me grief! I did once have a client who did not have the MIME type for MP4 on her server, and that did cause an issue as NONE of the videos in the course played! In this case, they all play except for the one, and only in the Articulate Player. Argh!

I am going to try replacing that video with another one just to see what happens...

Again, I appreciate the helpful suggestions. Thank you very much! It's great to get help on this forum.

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